Underdark - Dens of torture

Delve into the Underdark

Session 1

The beginning

After our party concluded that stein the Dwarven king’s soul was stolen by Torog for an unknown reason. Duergar had infiltrated Wundabar to help sabotage the Dwarves from the inside.

After our party had discovered the Duergar and the specifics of Stein’s demise the party delved into the Underdark in an attempt to retrieve Stein’s soul.

The Hunting Grounds

After 10 days of marching through darkness the party found themselves in the Underdark’s Hunting Grounds where the many different creatures of the Underark come to feed. Our party ran across a group of Illithids feasting on some Duergars. After some debate the party ambushed the Illithids but before the a winner was able to be decided the earth shook and a monstrous creature burst through the very floor of the Underdark. This creature was a giant beast that our party decided to avoid a direct confrontation with the beast. It was a smart plan as the beast tore the Illithids to bits without even trying.

After witnessing the destruction of the illithids the party decided to investigate where the creature came from. After 30 minutes of searching the Hunting grounds our party discovered a gaing hole in the ground that seemed to burst out from below. The party followed the tunnel created by the hole and went deeper and deeper until they stumbled up criss crossing tunnels and one particularly large tunnel that the ranger had identified as the King’s Highway.

After following the Kings Highway for a few miles they discoverd a room with a distinct glow. After some deliberation the party rouge and ranger suck into the room and discovered a large room with a large dark river running through the middle of the room. The river is 100 feet across and on the other side their was a large pile of precious gems. The party not trusting this mysterious dark water determined that they would rest here for the night and decide how to handle the water the next morning.

During the night our rouge Itch and our swordmage Thom noticed that the Dark water was starting to churn and move. Itch and Thom discussed whether or not to run or stay and fight. During the discussion the waters grew rough. Thom and Itch woke the party and were preparing to flee when a huge black dragon rose up from the water. This dragon was at least 60 ft long in the neck and could have swallowed a grown man with a single gulp.

The ancient dragon questioned the adventures why they had come to his realm. Thom spoke with the Dragon Tim for some time and eventually determined that the party could help the Dragon.

The party agreed to take a dragons vow and sealed their souls into a magical contract with Tim and in return gained some of his power.

The dragon then allowed the party to sleep in his cavern.


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