Our current endeavors.

Current Campaign go into the Underdark retrieve a Dwarven King’s soul. Most importantly don’t let the tarrasque step on you. Follow our adventures as they wander through the Underdark attempting to get things done in the most backwards way possible!

The party is made up of a close nit group of Murder hobos and their contantly depressed DM! Lets meet the characters shall we?

Itch. A delightful little Goblin that enjoys stabbing and finding shiny things! A relatively noble goblin as they come he has left his tribe in an attempt to “not be as big an asshole as the rest of his race.” Determined to gain glory the only way he knows how, by stealing it.

Thomas The Tank Engine A powerful human sword-mage determined to protect his party by taking all the damage all the time. A long time friend of Itch and formidable warrior, he has fought the strongest creatures of all the realms and earned battle scars from fey trolls, lich’s and even the powerful dragons of legend he can fight entire armies and walk away unscathed, just don’t ask him to be stealthy. Try and break him if you can.

Rune a Warforged commander who excels at battle strategy. He has been trained from his creation to be a strong soldier but magic has blessed this particular warforged with a keen mind and the natural aptitude to lead, despite never speaking go figure. Rune understands battle better than any known creature and can help any creature be more effective in battle. He joined the party in an attempt to escape his former life and earn his own freedom. Rune is an apt fighter if not the most talkative fellow.

Meriel a redhead elf that wields magical lightning with ease. Meriel can talk her way out of almost almost anything and what she can’t talk her way out of she can blast her way out of. The storm is her power and she wields it expertly. She has worked hard to become the most powerful elementist in the land and is nearing her goal. She joined the party to avenge her brother and save her friend in the Underdark she has joined the delve and is ready to blast anything in her way.

Chuckling Gypsy joined the party fairly early. She started to travel with Itch after he convinced her to leave the circus for a more profitable lifestyle of monster slaying and dungeon crawling. The allure of gold led her into this life and has so far kept her around. While she has no real attachment to the group she trusts them not to kill her in her sleep and to help her get rich so she hangs around for now.

Michelangelo A relatively new member, Michelangelo joined the party for an excuse to kill some giants and ended up getting more than he bargained for. After fighting Giants and coming to the Dwarven capital he has found himself in the Underdark where his very mind and soul have been altered. Unsure of what is real and what is imaginary he struggles with the whispers in his head from an unkown source. The longer he listens the more sense the whispers make.

The group has found their way into the Underdark and have to find a way to survive and get out with Stein King of Wundabar soul.

Underdark - Dens of torture

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