Tag: Ruling House


  • House Xaniqos

    The upstart House Xaniqos, the youngest and most impetuous of the ruling houses. Currently the 5th seat of the head council. Their Matriarch [[:lady-thandysha | Lady Thandysha]] is devious even by Drow standards.

  • House Aleval

    House Aleval is the most "Diplomatic" of all the ruling houses and even reaches to outside races and adventuring parties. Their Matriarch [[:ana-shrinarrean-1 | Ana'Shrinarrean]] never leaves her estate and to seek an audience you must come and prostrate …

  • House Despana

    House Despana is filled with warriors, gladiators, and generals they are famed for their raiding parties and their school of demon summoners. The Matron [[:ilmirinza | Ilmirinza]] is a powerful mage but has been known to dote on her familiar, Weley. A …